Life and Light

The Life and Light Photography Competition 2018 is a competition that brings together amateur & professional photographers from across the Western Region to capture this wonderful outback landscape of ours. The competition has been running annually for over 20 years now and seen some of the best photographs and photographers that the Western region has to offer. By capturing their local landscape, people, life and light the competition gives amateur photographers a chance to showcase what they love about our region.

20 Year Anniversary

The competition which runs as a partnership between NSW Local Land Services and Western Landcare NSW has now been running for 20 years!

If you are considering entering your photos visit the competition website for further information on how to enter.

Visit the competition website for more information or to enter your photos.

3 hours ago

Storytelling is one of the most important factors in photography! The second we pick up the camera we become a story teller. If there was one story you wanted to share with the world about what life ... See more

6 hours ago

You may have noticed that our website is currently under construction!!! We are working towards having it updated for this years competition by the end of the month. So, while we are dotting the i's ... See more

3 days ago

Easter might be the only time of the year that it is okay to put all your eggs in one basket! But it is also great time to capture some great photos for the the Life & Light Photo Competition!!! Have ... See more

5 days ago

We are so excited to announce that the 2019 Life & Light Photo Competition theme will be 'Beyond the Dust'. This theme has been chosen to help showcase that this region is so diverse and it is more ... See more

6 days ago

Only one more sleep till we announce the Light and Life theme for 2019!!! Is anyone else besides those at the Life & Light Photo Competition headquarters getting excited? Do you already know what the ... See more

1 week ago

Out west we know that we face many challenges, but we are truly lucky to live where we live! We are surrounded by friends, family and there is no where else in the world that does community quite ... See more

1 week ago

This week at Life & Light Photo Competition headquarters we have been sorting everything out for this years competition. From updating our website, talking to sponsors and getting our count down ... See more

3 weeks ago

Did someone say photo competition? If you haven't heard yet the Life and Light Photo competition will be back in 2019. Any bets on what the new theme will be?? Let us know by commenting below...

... See more

11 months ago
2018 Comp Results, Thanks to Sponsors, and Photo Book

In this video we have the results of the 2018 Life and Light Photo Competition, thanking the competition sponsors and announcing the new Life and Light in the Western Region Photo Book.

1 year ago

Being able to Kayak at Sunset on Lake Menindee is always something special. "Kayaking on Lake Menindee" by Dianne Langley is in the Digitally Enhanced category.

Give it a like to help it out in the ... See more

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