Steering Committee

Rob Chambers – Chair

Rob Chambers – Chair

Rob lives 60kms south of Cobar and runs a fat lamb enterprise with his wife on Osterley Downs. Rob is involved with the Buckwaroon Landcare Group and his attraction to Landcare was not only for the 'on ground' works component, but also the social aspect and the networking that came from being a member of such an active group. Rob is the current Chair for the WLNSW Steering Committee and has, for the past three years, been the nominated representative for the Buckwaroon Landcare Group on the WLNSW Steering Committee.

Stuart Mosely – Representative Landcare NSW

Stuart has been a Landcarer for 22 years and was a foundation member of the Buckwaroon Landcare Group in the Cobar area. He is the past Chair for the Buckwaroon Group during which time Stuart helped set up the "Cobar Vegetation Management Group" that went on to work with a number of prominent scientists to enable change to the Native Vegetation Act. Stuart firmly believes that these changes ensured Land managers on the Cobar Peneplain a viable future in farming. The Buckwaroon Landcare Group has been acknowledged with a number of rewards, the most notable being jointly recognised as the best Landcare Grp in NSW. Stuart is the current representative for WLNSW on the State Council for NSW Landcare.

stuart mosely

Bob Wynne

Bob Wynne – Vice Chair

Bob & Margaret operate Black Range, a merino sheep, cattle & wheat property north west of Condobolin.  They have spent considerable time and funds on clearing, water and pasture projects.  Bob’s mother had a vital involvement in the establishment of Landcare and so he was exposed to the movement quite early in the piece.  Bob  has spent time working within a now defunct department called the Soil Conservation Service and also at that time, had great exposure to Landcare across NSW.  Bob represents Gilgunnia Landcare Group  which  aims to address issues such as Invasive Native Species, Total Grazing Pressure, Best Practice Farming methods, Social and mental health issues for small communities and Feral Animals.

Bob believes that the adage “an eyeful is better than an earful” certainly applies to encouraging the sustainable, economic and social management of small communities through the help of Landcare.

Dave Allen – Vice Chair

Dave Allen is the representative for Buckwaroon Landcare and sees Landcare as important as it allows landholders to come together to be proactive in tackling a broad range of issues that affect their area.
Keith Harris

Heather McInerney

Heather McInerney – member

Heather McInerney is the representative for the Fords Bridge Landcare and Pest Management Group. Landcare is important to Heather as it provides a means for improving the land for future generations from an agricultural and pest management prospective

Keith Harris – Member

Keith joined the Landcare movement some time ago so he could put back into his community and environment by helping to rid the area of the weeds infesting Sunset Strip near Menindee.  He also wanted to be able to keep active in retirement and felt that this was a positive step in doing so.
Keith Harris

Ross McClure

Ross McClure – member

Ross McClure is the representative for Wentworth Angling Club and believes Landcare is important for river restoration, the rivers are a mess as a result of the carp and the group allows us to collaboratively take action and hopefully utilise upcoming technology such as the herpes virus to remove them and reinvigorate the River systems

Callum Robinson – Member

Callum Robinson is the representative for the Ledknapper Wild Dog Action Group whose aim is to be a sustainable agricultural and community group through land and pest management.
Callum Robinson

Michael Davis

Michael Davis – member

Michael Davis is the representative for Culgoa Vertebrate Pest Management Group. The aim of their group is to control pests in our area and to work collaboratively with landholders to control at this point the Wild Dogs but hopefully into the future move towards pig strength baits and combat a wider range a feral species.

Dave Allen – Member

Dave Allen is the representative for Buckwaroon Landcare and sees Landcare as important as it allows landholders to come together to be proactive in tackling a broad range of issues that affect their area.
Dave Allen

Matt Jackson

Matt Jackson – member

Matt Jackson is the representative for TOPAR. Landcare in his region began in the 90’s when 27 properties joined together to have a greater impact on issues in their area. Today the group still runs and is pursuing issues from pest and weed problems to total grazing pressure.

Leah Le Lievre – Member

Leah Le Lievre is the representative for the Louth Chamber of Commerce. Landcare to Leah is about securing a better future in grazing and land management for our current and future members.
Leah Le Lievre

Leon Zanker

Leon Zanker – member

Leon Zanker is the representative for Tilpa Pest Management Group
Landcare is important as it allows us to recognise the benefits of coordinated efforts of landholders in pest management control.