Far West Rangelands Rehydration Alliance | White Cliffs Field Day

Presented by Western Landcare NSW

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Far West Rangeland Rehydration Alliance | White Cliffs Field Day

Presented by Western Landcare NSW

As the impacts of a changing climate become more and more intense it is necessary for land managers to adapt their practice to better manage their naturally occurring resources.

In recent years, the far west division of New South Wales, predominantly comprising of arid and semi-arid land, has seen prolonged droughts and shorter rain seasons. The challenge land managers face in this region have been dehydrated soils and high levels of erosion. Coupled with unpredictable and infrequent heavy rainfalls, crashing through the landscape and joining fast flowing uncontrollable streams has seen the environment become unstable, stripping moisture from the surface.

The Far West Rangeland Rehydration Alliance was formed with the common interest to rehydrate and manage their landscape. The alliance comprises of close to twenty landholders and represents around 926,000 hectares of land in the region.

Thursday July 7, 2022

White Cliffs Hall, Johnson Street White Cliffs NSW 2836 [Map]

10:00am: Registration at White Cliffs Hall
10:30am: Presentation on Rangeland Rehydration Application
11:00am: Guest Speakers
Dr Hugh Pringle – Rangeland Rehydration
Dr Susan Orgill – Soil Carbon
Lindy Molesworth – The importance of seed & nurseries
1:15pm: Lunch
2:15pm: Carbon Credits Presentation with South Pole
3:15pm & 4:15pm: Concurrent Field Trips
Option 1: Seed Nurseries
Option 2: Filters
Option 3: Soil Carbon
5:15pm: Head to White Cliffs Hotel
6:30pm: Dinner & Entertainment

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