Understanding the importance of collaboration as a team whilst being isolated from one another.

The issue

Western Landcare covers 42% of the State of NSW. With  team members based from Bourke to Broken Hill it can be challenging to work cohesively  when everyone is quite isolated. Based out of the Local Land Service Offices, the Northern, Southern and Western, Local coordinators manage their own area and work together to create region wide activities. With distances so vast and day long travel to reach one another it is imperative to make use of opportunities when the team is together.


The solution

Being proactive in planning is a critical step to addressing this isolation. To present as a team at a Biannual event such as AgFair in Broken Hill, instils a sense of community to those in the community who visited our stall. The importance of in person involvement far outstrips a solely online presence and  the ability to create relations and connections is vital in this role of community support. This mentality can be carried across to our Western team. Despite the availability of video conferencing, the side interactions that occur and the building of networks and friendships when in person is crucial to success as an overall regional team who work in their own areas.


The impact

With a stall at Broken Hill AgFair, we presented really well as a team. This community presence generated discussions around what the community was wanting from Landcare and how it can be achieved. It allowed Coordinators to take ideas and introduce and implement them in their local area. Our work in the region as a whole is such an important resource, particularly in the Western district where isolation and lack of resources means that our work for communities are well received. For us to provide this service we must be steady and solid within ourselves.


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