The Challenge

Bottle Bend is a section of the Murray River south of the Sturt Highway near Monak. This small but important section of land was previously known as the Gol Gol State Forest and is overseen by the Bottle Bend Trust. Under the trusts management the reserve has seen great improvements since the degradation of the land through heavy logging and drought but the trust in recent years have struggled to locate funding for large scale rehabilitation and conservation projects.

The Solution

Bottle Bend Trust contacted Local Landcare Coordinator Henry Gregory to attend their upcoming meeting so they can discuss a potential partnership with Western Landcare NSW. Henry presented to the group to explain what Landcare is all about and how becoming a Landcare group would benefit the trust. Bottle Bend Trust agreed to become a member of Western Landcare NSW and a registered Landcare Group in order to gain assistance and ideas in their future conservational efforts.

The Impact

From the meeting the group have become a member of Western Landcare NSW. They are receiving regular updates on project ideas and potential sources of funding through the Western Landcare newsletter and coordinator contact. The group are looking to hold another meeting to discuss these options further and Henry Gregory is looking forward to assisting the group with some large scale projects.

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