The Challenge

Western Landcare NSW is a Landcare Network that provides landcare support and representation for an area that takes up 40% of NSW. The target area of Western Landcare NSW is so large that it is split into three communities: West, North and South. Western Landcare’s executive and most members come from the West and Northern communities. This meant that Landcare groups in south western NSW were not familiar with Western Landcare until the implementation of the LLCI. This created a degree of hesitation for many landcare groups from the south to become members of the larger regional network that they were not familiar with.

The Solution

Since early 2016 Henry Gregory, Local Landcare Coordinator (Buronga), has been working with southern based groups to improve their capacity and on grounds works while building the relationship between these local groups and the regional network. But even with this often positive relationship most southern members did not attend any Western Landcare events or meetings. Henry always encouraged groups to attend events and informed them of the benefits of attending often with no result. He then decided that if groups were not going to come to the network then the network would come to them. It was arranged for Western Landcare meetings to be rotated around each community so that all members could attend with minimal travel at least once a year. In addition to this Henry would update each southern group on what was discussed during the last meeting or event to provide the local groups with an update on regional activities.

The Impact

As groups started to hear more and more about what Western Landcare NSW is doing and what its focus is groups slowly become more and more on board. Now Western Landcare has more members than ever before and has members from all over the Western region. Groups that were often not interested in attending regional meetings have organised to come to the upcoming meetings. Groups that were not interested in becoming members of Western Landcare are now signing up and taking advantage of the support and representation that comes with being a part of a regional Landcare network.

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