The Challenge

With the old Euston Landcare Group revived as Euston Regional Landcare Inc the group needed a project to bring members together and assure them that the group is active and worth their time and member fees. The problem was that the group consisted of roughly 50% graziers (sheep and cattle farmers) and 50% croppers. This meant that members struggled to reach any kind of consensus as to what landcare based projects they should start off with. The graziers in the group were hoping for a pest management or grazing pressure management project while the croppers were looking for a project that involved cropping innovations and methods.

The Solution

The committee organised a group BBQ and meeting to discuss project options and make a decision as to what would be pursued first. Options were written on a white board and votes were taken. The outcome was a Low Stress Stock Handling Course that appealed more to graziers but would also be applicable to many croppers in the group as well.

The course took place on June 2 and 3 with the help of Local Landcare Coordinator Henry Gregory, Red Cross and Fox & Lillie Rural.

The Impact

The Low Stress Stock Handling Course was a success in the way that it brought the group together and made the group a really worth while and fun group to be part of. Rick Jones did the training with the group and made it really hands on so that everyone had their dogs in the yards in no time. By the end both the owners and the dogs had new skills to make moving stock easier, smoother and with less stress on the animals. This event gained the group many new members that are excited to be a part of the group and be part of the next project (which will likely involve coordinated wild pig control).

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