The Challenge

In the Broken Hill area there were limited opportunities for young people to participate in natural resource management and environmental activities. Broken Hill Landcare was also struggling to attract younger people into the group.

The Solution

Broken Hill Landcare, with the help of their local Landcare Coordinator, partnered with Alesco Learning Centre to offer students at the school the opportunity to engage with native revegetation and regeneration in a practical, hands on environment.

The Broken Hill Landcare nursery and all of the necessary equipment and resources were made available to the school, teachers from the school were taken through a training session to demonstrate a method for propagating native plants through cuttings so that they would be able to teach the students. This included producing a step by step guide as a learning resource. A variety of native plant species were also identified around the school that could be used to supply cuttings. Students then visited the nursery each day to propagate plants and monitor their growth as part of their school curriculum.

The Impact

Students at Alesco Learning Centre have now been offered further opportunities to work on the land in areas like weed management and conservation. Broken Hill Landcare has also developed a model for working with schools in the area to promote meaningful youth engagement in environmental activities which is attracting more and more people to participate in the group’s activities as the group has received greater exposure to a previously unengaged population.

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