Western Landcare In partnership with OzFish Ltd are re-snagging the lower Darling River to help improve and re-build native habitat along with providing shelter, protection and breeding grounds for native fish.


The issue

Challenges for Re-snagging have included finding suitable sites along the Darling River for the installation of trunks and stumps. Getting access to some parts of the river has been inhibited by dense scrub, trees and steep banks. Much of the land up to the river and along the river is also privately owned, getting access through private property with large equipment also proved challenging in some instances.

Some of the Trunks floated and needed to be secured in some way so they didn’t float off down the river.


The solution

Most land managers were willing to provide access where there was suitable passage to the river for large equipment.

Trunks were able to be weighted down using other timber in a crisscross manner, rocks were also able to be used in some instances to weigh down timber. At other spots ropes were used to hold timber in place until it became water-logged.

Together with good communication and networking people who have an interest for the restoration, rehabilitation and life of the river into the future, have been able to contribute and work together in one way or another.


The impact

This is an on-going project but to date the outcomes have been very encouraging and positive.  At some of the early sites small native fish have been sighted and yabbies found in and around the stumps.  Vegetation has been able to re-establish in and around the logs thus helping to secure and hold the bank together, reducing erosion.  These are all encouraging signs.



The floating stumps and trunks were all stable once they became water-logged!  Securing them in some way with weights such a rocks, or tying timbers to a secured object worked well.

Access to the river limited by vegetation and steep banks was overcome by choosing suitable locations and having input and cooperation from land managers.

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