The Trust was established in 2017 to oversee the management of the Bottle Bend Reserve. Bottle Bend provides an opportunity for travellers and locals to enjoy the riverine environment of the Murray River. Facilities are continuously being developed for the public to enjoy.

Since 2010 the Department of Industry has implemented many changes to the Reserve with the upgrading of tracks, the provision of formal camp grounds and environmental enhancement projects. The forest is now recovering from years of drought and with environmental watering schemes has recovered an astonishing amount. Trees that were once thought dead have again developed canopies of leaves, fish and yabbies have returned to the billabong and creek and wildlife such as kangaroos, possums and bats are now found throughout the Reserve. 62 species of birds have been identified as occurring on the Reserve, with quite a few species nesting on the Reserve.

The Trust plan to engage more closely with Gol Gol Public School and increase other networks of support and mutual interest in 2018.

PO Box 13 Gol Gol NSW 2738
Jane McAllister | 0427 118 396
Pau | 0417 596 244.

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