Buckwaroon Landcare Group was formed in the early 1990’s when a group of like minded Landholders in the Cobar district came together to undertake projects for the benefit of their environment and on farm profit. The group has since undertaken a range of projects including; Grazing for profit courses, Alan Savory Holistic Management training, Developed a weed seeker a computerised spray unit that selectively sprays regrowth, Coordinated wild dog baiting, School education days taking students from local primary schools on farm and giving them an insight into agriculture practices. The group have also acted as strong lobbyists seeing changes to the native veg act for the Cobar Peneplain. Buckwaroon were recognised for their work and awarded state Landcare Champions. The group has grown from strength to strength since its formation and acts as a great social outlet for landholders across the rural community.

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