Wanaaring Pest Management Group

When was your group formed? 
The inaugural meeting was held on the 16/04/2014

Why did your group form? 
To benefit agricultural businesses and all residents within the district by reducing losses and damage to native animals & livestock caused by pest animals
To encourage all primary producers to become members of the group and actively undertake pest animal management activities.
To identify and work with other pest animal control groups in the Western Division of NSW and other States to coordinate the timeliness and maximise the effectiveness of all pest animal management activities
To benefit the wider community and future generations by reducing the impact of all pest animals on the environment and the bio-diversity of the district.
To plan, coordinate,  manage and implement pest animal control activities within the former Wanaaring Rural Lands Protection Board District.
To reduce and control the numbers of pest animals, including but not limited to wild dogs, foxes, pigs and rabbits

What has your group been up to?
Several Baiting programs have been carried out. Installation of coolrooms for storage of baits. Drying Racks have been and are to be constructed for placement around the area.
Members have been carrying out their own control measures on their properties including trapping and shooting of pest animals.

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