Location: White Cliffs
When did the group form? 2018

Why was the group formed? 
There hasn’t really been any ‘structured’ Landcare activity in and around White Cliffs for a number of years now.  We have two properties that were part of the Barrier Area Rangecare Group, but were really on the periphery of their group boundary and didn’t have any other support in their local area.  NBK was formed from properties west of the Tilpa Pest Management group and our main reason for forming, like the Tilpa group, is for vertebrate pest management, mostly combating wild dogs in the area which seem to have surged in numbers.  Some small groups of neighbours have been baiting together, but nothing was occurring on a much larger scale.  WLNSW managed to secure a trapping training day towards the end of last year and after that meeting we decided to form a group and elect a committee.  We are now incorporated and have an ABN. This means we can all be part of the LLS pest predator program and undertake aerial baiting and ground baiting twice each per year and secure baits for half price.

What has your group been up to in the last year?
Since we have been active (only a few short months), NBK has managed to secure 60 drying racks plus some DK9 baits, thanks to AWI.  The drying racks will be centrally based and will be used at least twice per year for ground baiting purposes.  We have also had confirmation that AWI have funded some freezers for members.  These will be used for storing meat baits in the interim between baiting rounds.

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