The Lower Anabranch Farming Farming Innovation Group (LAFIG) started in mid 2017 following a number of years research by members into the current and potential effects of predation and uncontrolled grazing on both the grazed/farmed environment and the natural environment. The objective of the LAFIG is to establish healthy, resilient and productive landscapes that support profitable business through exploring and adopting innovative and adaptive practices.

The group consists of about 12 properties in the Lower Anabranch area between Wentworth and Lake Victoria in the far southwest of NSW. It is semi arid rangeland predominantly used for grazing sheep, with some small areas of dryland cropping. LAFIG formalised itself in response to a request from Western LLS to potentially deliver a cluster fencing project.

Currently the group has an application with the NLP2 to establish the Lower Anabranch Rangeland Management Barrier Project, utilising a combination of predator/TGP proof fencing, the natural waterways of the Darling R, Murray R and Lake Victoria as barriers and a monitoring program conducted by Federation University.

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